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  • Immediate Implants
  • Bone Grafting
  • Guided Bone Regeneration
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Complete rehabilitation with immediate Zirconium crowns
  • Digital design smile
  • Request Shift


We provide excellent medical services
Integrantes Mendoza Health Care

Mendoza Health Care is the result of the strategic alliance of institutions and professionals with different medical specialties who have made a career and have national and international recognition.


Encourage and increase the visit of foreign patients to Mendoza – Argentina and meet their needs.


Lead the International Medical Tourism sector in Argentina.

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Recognized institutions, with great experience

Mussuto Comprehensive Dental Clinic


Mussuto Comprehensive Dental Clinic has a 13 year career providing health care. We are committed to the constant update of our professionals in search of the best scientific odontology and of highest quality. Furthermore, we work together with specialized surgeons and dental prostheses hi-tech labs such as Zirkonzhan and Cerec.

We provide personalized assistance for our clients. We treat any kind of oral diseases providing prevention diagnosis.

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Professional in charge
Dr. Pablo Mussuto

ABOUT Mendoza - Argentina

Mendoza has become one the best touristic destinations in the world, characterized by its natural beauty and its excellent hotel infrastructure and high-end services.

Mendoza - Argentina

Mendoza is located in a strategic geopolitic point within the central bio-ceanic corridor of South America. This allows the province an excellent access with the rest of the world.

During the last decade, the province has grown steadily due to the diverse productive matrix that gathers the main activities of the west of Argentina.

Mendoza is one of the provinces with the largest relative development and stands out for its human capital, infrastructure and natural resources.

Furthermore, it has 8 universities, 7 university institutes, 74 higher education institutes and more that 2,700 elementary, primary and secondary schools. It is worth mentioning that 2 of the 8 universities are national, public and free and the rest are private. Behind Buenos Aires, Mendoza is the province with more universities of the country.


Arrival and Departure Logistics and Touristic Programs during the stay in Mendoza
Hotelería, logistica de arribo y traslados Infraestructura de calidad internacional El encanto de Mendoza: excursiones, bodegas y aventuras

As an advantage to our services, we provide our client the option of hiring our private transfers, in and out of the airport as well as all the transfers during their stay. We have made special agreements with the main tour companies of Mendoza to provide our clients with the best service.

We also have a local tourism program according to the treatment the person is taking in order to make the most of his stay to visit the most emblematic and attractive sites that Mendoza has to offer: wineries, city tours, gastronomic tours, spa, high mountain, etc.


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